Video editor for broadcast

The delivery of content for broadcast can be complicated and stressful, especially for the uninitiated. Legacy standards carried over from the analogue tape era can seem counterintuitive in today’s digital-first video editing environments.

Unlike publishing to Youtube or any other online video platforms, TV ads and video content that is to be broadcast need to comply with specific standards and meet the channel’s delivery requirements which are usually validated by automated processes that offer no leeway.
Clearcast and other broadcast clearing agencies are very strict and rigid when it comes to the rules and formats they accept for ads meant for either broadcast or VOD (video on demand) platforms.

It is a delicate balancing act between creative decisions or your brand’s guidelines, and these strict broadcast requirements like keeping colours and luma within the Rec709 limits, the EBU R128 loudness levels or passing the PSE Harding test.
When these clash, there needs to be a very good understanding of what these standards and specs involve so that the same creative outcome can be achieved with the least amount of compromise.

I have extensive experience working on projects for Broadcast, both for commercial adverts and for News bulletins. This experience can help you navigate the technical labyrinth of broadcast video and potentially save you time and money from repeat submissions.

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Here are some TV ads I worked on: